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Are you new to the world of rocker plates? Are you thinking, is an Omnirocker rocker plate right for me?

Take a few minutes to read below, where I have answered the most common questions asked, but if you can’t find an answer, then get in touch at

About our rocker plates.

An Omnirocker is a rocker plate designed to add motion to your static indoor training equipment allowing it to move with you, like when riding outside. The added motion helps alleviate pressure points, engages your core muscles, allows you to train for longer and adds more fun to indoor training sessions.

Do you find when riding outside, you can go for hours without any discomfort and find it easy to peddle when out of the saddle as the bike pivots under you? Most of us can answer "Yes" to this because our points of contact with the bike and our position are constantly changing, which allows it to work with you.

Now contrast this with the rigid set-up of a typical indoor trainer or static bike. Your bike will creak and flex as you try to output power. Your upper body will sway from side to side. You feel discomfort, soreness, and fatigue much quicker as you fight against the bike as it works against you. Now, this isn't ideal for you or your precious equipment.

By adding the motion of an Omnirocker rocker plate, you will bring that outside ride feel indoors. Ride more comfortably, train more efficiently, protect your bike, and most importantly, have more fun.

"One size fits all" isn't the best approach with rocker plates, especially when it comes to today's modern smart bikes. Each has its characteristics with weight distribution, the centre of gravity and footprint varying between manufacturers.

With this in mind, our rocker plate designs all share the same solid foundation of quality parts, but each is styled and tested to complement its intended turbo trainer or Smart bike.

We have kept the Omnirockers size as small as possible, tailoring each to need minimal extra space within your home gym, yet wide enough to offer stability in use.

The triple-deck design splits the axis of motion into two separate elements. The upper two decks take care of the rocking motion and the lower base deck allows the upper decks to roll quietly responding to your body movements.

The Omnirocker Lite models are standard 2 deck rocker plates with side-to-side rocking motion.

No sorry. But we will soon be offering kits so you can build your own rocking only rocker plate.

The Stealth finish.

We only finish our rocker plates with natural OSMO oils. Our products are handcrafted, with finishes applied using traditional furniture making techniques. We believe in protecting and featuring the natural beauty of birch ply within our products, allowing it to compliment your home gym.

Youtube is full of films of noisy rocker plates. Is an Omnirocker noisy?

No, an Omnirocker is very quiet in use and can be used comfortably indoors without waking up the whole house.

The rubber isolators separating the top two decks help eliminate transmitted vibrations from the training equipment. Sealed bearings allow the rollers on the base deck to glide smoothly backwards and forwards, dampened by silent bungee cords.

The Omnirockers are treated with Osmo Oil to protect against moisture and sweat.
Natural Oil Protection

Once cut into, resin-coated plywood loses its water resistance and easily stains.

So for protection and good hygiene, all exposed plywood on the Omnirockers is finished with OSMO natural oils to showcase the beauty of the birch ply to give a breathable, sweatproof satin finish. Just wipe dry after use.

Top piece is sealed and the water/sweat just beads off of the surface.

The bottom piece is Standard or unsealed and the water/sweat soaks into the plywood.

Setting up your rocker plate.

So far every turbo trainer that we have tested fits. This includes, Kickr all models, Kickr Snap, Kickr Core, Kickr Climb, Tacx Neo all models, Taxc Flux, Elite Direto, Elite Drivo, Elite muin, Saris H3, most wheel-on trainers. If your smart turbo trainer is not on this list the please contact us and we will find a solution.

If you are in our local drop off and set-up catchment area then we are more than happy to help get you set-up and rocking. It's great to meet our customers.

If you are outside our set-up area then we are only a phone call or email away.

Every Omnirocker comes with a fixings kit, a comprehensive list of instructions to walk you through set-up and full after-sales support.

A convenient circular spirit level is located in the center of the logo on the top deck to aid with levelling your Omnirocker. Just add or remove air using the supplied hand pump from the suspension balls until the bubble within the circular spirit level is centered.

Less is better when it comes to air pressure in the suspension balls. Around 2-4 psi is perfect for most riders, but we recommend trying different amounts until you find your sweet spot.

It is not required, but some turbo trainers and smart bikes that have heavy flywheels that favour one side can benefit from the addition of a counterweight to offset the flywheel mass to provide a more neutral ride feel. Typically a 5kg weight is sufficient for this purpose.

Using your rocker plate.

Please see our 'User Guides' page for useful information to help you get acquainted with your new Omnirocker.

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