Omnirocker rocker plate user guides. Handy tips to make sure your turbo rocks.



A few handy guides to help get you started with our rocker plates.


Tips from the Paincave to help you get the best from your Omnirocker.



  1. Pick a low cadence of 50-60 to help with timing and keep your eyes forwards, not looking down.

  2. Keep your arms relaxed and lift out of the saddle. The Omnirocker will lean to the side of your leading foot. This is normal, just like when riding freely outside. What is not normal is that your upper body will lean the same way.

  3. You want to move your upper body back to a more central position above the Omnirocker. This is achieved by applying slight pressure to the side of the handlebars opposite to the leading foot.

  4. Now repeat as the leading foot changes sides. You should feel the bike swinging freely from side to side beneath you. Think rhythm, 1... 2... 1... 2... 1... 2... Once you get the timing right, it will feel like you are dancing on the bike.

  5. If you are struggling with this tip, try reducing the pressure of the suspension balls to give a looser rocking motion.

How to tip


  1. Hold your bike with one hand on the handlebars and the other on the saddle.

  2. Step on to the pedal, push up and swing your free leg over the rear of the bike, keeping your body weight over the center of the Omnirocker.

  3. Sit on the saddle, place your free foot on the other pedal and ride your bike.

  4. Dismounting the bike is the reverse of getting on. Always try and keep three points of contact with the cycling equipment used.

Taking care of your Omnirocker

How should I clean my Omnirocker?

We recommend wiping your Omnirocker and cycling equipment after every ride. A microfiber cloth dampened with some mild diluted antibacterial cleaner is ideal. Then just let it dry naturally.

Inflatable balls for rocker plates 7" / 175mm

Inflatable balls for rocker plates 7" / 175mm

Regular price£14.99


2x Rocker plate suspension balls. (Heavy duty)

As fitted to our rocker plates, these suspension balls' can be used at a much lower pressure than the small, lightweight balls typically used with rocker plates.

The lower pressure and high volume give an improved 'natural' rocking motion, along with a greatly reduced chance of splitting the suspension balls.

A standard flexible bike pump adaptor and needle is included.

  • Colour: Red
  • Size: 17.5cm (7inch) diameter
  • Inflatable with an ordinary ball pump.
  • The balls are shipped deflated.
  • The price is for 2x balls.

Postage mainland UK £3.49