Omnirocker Wattbike Atom rocker plate shown in Stealth finish.
Omnirocker full-motion design for the Wattbike Atom smart bike. Front left view, Stealth finish.
Omnirocker full-motion rocker plate for the Wattbike Atom smart bike. Side view, Stealth finish.
Omnirocker full-motion for the Wattbike Atom smart bike. Rear right view, Stealth finish.
Omnirocker with Wattbike Atom shown in Stealth finish.
Omnirocker with Wattbike Atom shown in Stealth finish.
Omnirocker Wattbike Atom rocker plateshown in Stealth finish.
Full-motion rockerplate for the Wattbike Atom smart bike. Omnirocker Stealth finish.
The Omnirocker Stealth finish, fully sealed and waterproof.
Omnirocker rocker  for the Atom smart bike in a paincave setup,  Stealth finish.
Wattbike Atom rocker plate - Omnirocker Atom Stealth
Wattbike Atom rocker plate - Omnirocker Atom Stealth

Atom Rocker Plate

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This custom rocker plate for the Wattbike Atom has helped customers enjoy 10s of thousands of virtual kilometers of riding. The Omnirocker Atom includes full-motion designed to add comfort and realism to your indoor cycling.

Featuring a strengthened design that is perfectly styled to complement the compact footprint of the Atom, yet wide enough to offer stability in use, at just 98x82x13cm.

The Omnirocker Atom will smoothly react to changes in body position, from flat out sprinting and long grinding climbs to seated spinning burning those virtual miles.

The subtle motion will help alleviate pressure points, engage your core and allow you to train efficiently for longer.

Experience durability and style with the Stealth finish. Its waterproof coating, adorned with a non-slip hexagonal pattern, ensures resilience. All visible plywood is sealed with OSMO natural oils, highlighting the birch ply's beauty and providing a breathable, sweat-proof satin finish.

Also available for the Atom X.

Please state which version you need at checkout.

(Wattbike Atom not included)


The Omnirocker Atom needs the minimum of space yet complements the smart appearance of your Wattbike Atom.

Omnirocker logo with unique in-laid bubble level


Conveniently located, a built-in circular spirit level allows easy, precise adjustment to the Omnirocker to suit your riding style.


Easily accessed handles located on all corners for when you need to rearrange your home gym.

  • Smooth, whisper quiet motion
  • Rocking and Fore/Aft motion
  • 7.8 degrees each way rocking motion
  • 140mm of fore/aft travel
  • Circular spirit level included for fast levelling on all axis (Rebated into the deck for easy cleaning)
  • Center line for easy alignment of your Atom
  • Air suspension balls with adjustable tilt resistance to suit your riding style
  • Hand pump and needle included
  • Spare ball
  • Velcro straps to secure your Atom
  • Convenient handles to aid moving The Omnirocker
  • Soft rubber feet on base
  • Stainless steel parts
  • Dimensions: 980mm x 820mm x 130mm
  • Maximum tested weight 165 kg (rider + equipment)
  • 12 Month warranty (not including wear & tear)
  • Ships Fully assembled, just add your Atom and secure with supplied fixings
  • Unique handcrafted finish.
  • CNC cut for accuracy.
  • 18mm Hexagonal textured Baltic Birch plywood.
  • Tough resin waterproof nonslip surface.
  • All exposed plywood is sanded and sealed with Osmo Polyx oil to give a durable, sweatproof satin finish. (Not left "Naked" or unsealed)
  • Easy to clean with a damp microfiber cloth.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Nigel F.
An Indoor Cycling Game Changer

Omnirocker is a simple idea, brilliantly executed. The objective is to make static cycling more like the real thing and this is achieved using three wooden plates which allow foreword/aft and sideways motion. I bought my Omnirocker (cut precisely to the shape of my Wattbike) in March 2022 and have enjoyed many hours of trouble-free use. Long sessions just fly by com-armed to my static past.

Hi Nigel! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a wonderful review. I'm thrilled to hear that the Omnirocker has made a positive impact on your indoor cycling experience. I put a lot of thought and effort into creating a rockerplate that mimics the real cycling experience, so I'm glad to hear it's been a game changer for you. I hope you continue to enjoy many more hours of trouble-free use. Happy cycling! Martin.

Ralph P.
Great piece of kit

Have had my omnirocker for a couple of years now and is a very well made and hard wearing pice of kit. Extends training time window from one hour to two hours for me personally and couldn’t live without it now!

Hi Ralph. Thank you for your review! I'm glad to hear that the Atom Rocker Plate has been a valuable addition to your training. I take pride in creating durable and high-quality products, so it's great to know that yours has held up for a couple of years now. Here's to many more hours of extended training with the Omnirocker. Ride on! Martin

Paul M.
Omnirocker for WattBike Atom

A high quality piece of kit which makes all the difference to the feel of a static exercise bike.
Would highly recommend!

Hi Paul. Thank you for your glowing review of the Atom Rocker Plate! I'm glad to hear that it has made a significant difference in your WattBike Atom workouts. I appreciate your recommendation and hope you continue to enjoy the high quality of the rocker plate. Thanks again, Martin.

Susan S.

The OMINIROCKER is something you do not know you need until you have one. It has given me a whole new dimension to riding on Zwift. You feel yourself climbing and find your leaning round corners. It is a fantastic addition to the experience when riding a static bike.

Hi Susan! Thank you so much for your review of the Atom Rocker Plate. I'm thrilled to hear that it has added a whole new dimension to your Zwift rides and I'm glad you are enjoying it. Ride on! Martin.

Michael C.
Atom next gen OmniRocker

Fantastic upgrade to indoor biking.
The bike now moves reducing pressure on the saddle, and when you really need to push there's the option of a bit of sway to help with that power to the pedals.
Multi axis movements are just amazing and my expectations were blown away with the actual reality and quality of the rocker plate for my Atom next gen.

Hi Michael! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your positive experience with the Atom Rocker Plate. I'm thrilled to hear that it's been a fantastic upgrade for your indoor biking reducing saddle pressure. I'm glad that the movements and quality have exceeded your expectations and I hope it continues to enhance your rides. Happy riding! Martin.

Atom in action

Customer supplied footage