140mm Rocker plate replacement balls.
140mm Rocker plate replacement balls.
Flexible needle adaptor for ball pump.
Omnirocker 140mm Rocker plate replacement balls.
Rocker plate ball and pump.

3 x Inflatable balls for rocker plates 140mm / 5.5"

Regular price£14.99

Set of 3x Heavy duty rocker plate suspension balls.

Suitable replacement balls for all rocker plates and perfect for your DIY rocker plate builds.

  • Size: 140mm (5.5inch) diameter
  • Inflatable with an ordinary bike pump with included adaptor.
  • The balls are shipped deflated.

For the best ride experience, we recommend a pressure between 1.5 - 3.0 psi, depending on rider weight and the level of motion required.

Less pressure is better. Allowing increased movement helps engage your core muscles, improving balance and simulating real-road conditions. This added instability activates and strengthens your core, leading to better performance and a more realistic riding experience.

Postage mainland UK £3.49

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Leigh W.
Quality balls!

Made a Huge difference to the comfort of my rocker by swapping out the cheap version to these premier ones.

alastair s.
Better than ever

Fitted some new balls after two years and about 10,000 miles use. So smooth the movement once again. I should have swapped then months ago : )

Hi Alastair. Thanks for the feedback! Great hear that your Omnirocker is still providing smooth movement even after two years and 10,000 miles of use. Happy riding, and thanks again, Martin.


I am using these balls on my own DIY rocker plate setup. They have been perfect. They hold air very well and since purchase (4+ months ago) I have topped up the air twice. For the durability and comfort they provide, superb.

Hi Tom. Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear the balls have been perfect for your DIY rocker plate setup, holding air well and providing durability and comfort. Thrilled they've met your expectations. Happy riding with your setup! Martin.

Dave R.
These are great!

Ordered these to change from the 175mm ball. As the ball is slightly smaller it seems to fit better within the hole with less creases. Straight forward to inflate and achieve the right pressures. Quality is as usual top notch

Thanks Martin

Thank you for the review Dave.